Garage Gator

Garage Gator offers a unique motorized overhead storage system that can be
easily installed in almost any garage, attic, warehouse or other designated storage space.

GarageGator was developed by V-Bro Products which has been providing an array
of storage solutions for over 18 years. The Garage Gator System, formerly known as
Garage Gorilla, helps you reclaim your garage space by lifting items which are typically
laying around on your garage floor – items such as bicycles, golf clubs, tires, ladders,
tools, sports equipment and so forth. The Garage Gator System allows you to store
up to 220 lbs. of equipment or 8 bikes easily by raising them high up above
the garage floor. Garage Gator offers 2 motorized lifts and 2 platform systems
on which you can store any item of your liking to free up your garage floor.

While our new website is currently being developed we'd like you to visit our sister
website in order to make any Garage Gator based purchases by clicking the link below:

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